Articolor Paint Colour Mixing System

NOTE: for all the products marked with the ARTICOLOR logo we have the full colour range available (please ask about prices).

Bases that has each product and nomenclature.
Pastel base, to reproduce colors with soft tones.
Media Base, to reproduce colors with medium tones.
BTR: Transparent Base, to reproduce colors with intense tones.
The Pastel Base is also White color.

To supply the colours we offer the ARTICOLOR PAINT COLOUR MIXING SYSTEM as well as Technical Support for supplying any colour reference. We have STANDARD and EXCLUSIVE paint charts for our clients.


Exact reproduction of colour shades, a quick service for urgent orders, and the maximum number of colours for the minimum number of bases, depending on the product range.

ARTIC offers a colour mixing service for an exceptional range of products (ARTICOLOR PAINT COLOUR MIXING SYSTEM) and has formulated a lot of the colour charts already on the market, from the more universal ones such as RAL, NCS and ACCS to more specific ones such as RENOVA and COLORS BCN, through to charts from other companies and not forgetting our own, ARTIC FACHADAS.

Whether colours are premixed at the factory or mixed by the special in-store machines, colour reproduction is guaranteed as we have our own in-house staff who specialize in colour mixing, backed up by all the necessary machinery such as spectrophotometers, colour readers, light sources, etc.

It goes without saying that all the bases and pigments with which we work are of the highest quality and are subject to stringent quality controls. In addition, they are completely stable with regard to light and alkalinity and have a proven replication guarantee.

Furthermore, for all the colours produced by Artic in any of these models, a record is taken and stored in our colour archive to give both us and our customers total peace of mind.

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