Distribution warehouses

These sales outlets may be Arctic’s own branches or belong to distributors specializing in the sale of paints and special coatings for construction, decoration and industrial protection with an established and solid position in the market.

Whatever the case, you will always be dealing with people with an Artic mentality – in other words, close to customers and aware of the need to offer a good service and the technical resources necessary to provide solutions.

At its different sales outlets, ARTIC has provided basic stocks and state-of-the-art models of Paint Colour Mixing machines.
We also have our own transport fleet.

It is in these facilities or on nearby construction sites, where communication meshes between us. Professionals in applications, architects, surveyors, suppliers, our clients’ customers, sales technicians, warehouse personnel, carriers, colourists, etc… this is where being close to our customers, the third of our missions, comes to fruition.

Colour mixing

ARTIC offers a colour mixing service for an exceptional range of products (ARTICOLOR PAINT COLOUR MIXING SYSTEM) and has formulated a lot of the colour charts already on the market, from the more universal ones such as RAL, NCS and ACCS to more specific ones such as RENOVA and COLORS BCN, through to charts from other companies and not forgetting our own, ARTIC FAÇANES.

Whether colours are premixed at the factory or mixed by the special in-store machines, colour reproduction is guaranteed, as we have our own in-house staff who specialize in colour mixing backed up by all the necessary machinery such as spectrophotometers, colour readers, light sources, etc.

It goes without saying that all the bases and pigments with which we work are of the highest quality and are subject to stringent quality controls. In addition they are completely stable with regard to light and alkalinity and have a proven replication guarantee.

Furthermore, for all the colours produced by Artic in any of these models, a record is taken and stored in our colour archive to give both us and our customers total peace of mind.

Technical and sales staff

ARTIC was originally founded by technical salespeople with extensive knowledge and experience of the real problems faced at construction sites. This is why we like being close to our clients, endeavouring to provide useful advice with the resources we have available, our technical salespeople and the constant support of our chemists (SAT).

We therefore offer written reports recommending specific processes in the different fields of building renovation.
• Troubleshooting
• Study of possible solutions
• Technical recommendations for each case
• Support, monitoring and control of the work

We analyse the guarantees for each specific case and manage the Standard models in common products and processes.
Please do not hesitate to contact your representative or your nearest branch.

SAT (Technical Support)

Applications, testing and samples.

The observation of all kinds of supports in the most varied environmental conditions is a scientific exercise that helps us to understand the problem and find the best solution. That’s why we continue to study, test and apply solutions both at our own initiative and at the request of our clients.

If you have any doubts, let us know; you can always count on our collaboration.

If you need samples of processes, we have the most standard ones – simple ask for them.

If you need to solve a specific problem, we will look into it for you.

Delivery of goods

This is one of the most important factors in terms of our customer service.

From our own warehouses, our own staff deliver the goods to our customers’ facilities or work sites.

Familiar faces provide the maximum level of reliability and continuity in our commercial relationships.


We are committed to the New Tec range of water-based products which are more environmentally friendly and are designed to progressively replace products that are soluble in solvent. Our search for and development of new processes will be geared towards this commitment.


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