Ref. 07052

Mineral paint with natural silicates. Remineralizer of the stone. Chemical reaction with integration in the support. It does not film. Microporous finish is highly breathable to water vapor. Mold resistant in a natural way Ecological. Maximum duration, it does not crack, crack or decompose in its aging. On all types of mineral construction materials. Protection of natural and artificial stone, mortar or cement or lime plaster, exposed brick, concrete, old lime paints or old silicates. Respect the original textures. It has a natural appearance to the touch and sight. Highly recommended in rehabilitation and restoration of buildings and ancient and historic monuments. Dilute with ARTISIL IMPREGNATION to make glazes and regulate the viscosity and also recommended for priming. White and colors on request produced in the factory with inorganic pigments. VOC 15g / l – 2010 140g / l.

In accordance with DIN 18636.

ARTIC pinturas



Silicate. Mineral paint with natural silicates.