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*The icon identifies products that can be coloured using the ARTICOLOR SYSTEM.


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06091 - ACIART: Cleaning and etching of cement surfaces.
09131 - ACUARIS ANTIALGAS: Swimming pools, non-slip.
19095 - ADIFER ACTIVADOR DE HORMIGON: Suitable for controlled oxidation.
19505 - ADITOR PU: Additive to enhance adherence on hard, vitrified surfaces.
19094 - ADITOX ACTIVADOR DE OXIDO: Rapid oxidation of ferrous surfaces.
01113 - ANTIOXIDANTE PREART: Anti-corrosion primer.
12115 - ANTIOXIDANTE S / R: Fast-drying ferrous metal primer.
11593 - ANTISKID: Non-slip additive with controlled grain size. Suitable for all kinds of paints.
07031 - ARTEX: Textured acrylic. White and other colours.
07032 - ARTEX LISO: Acrylic. Public works.
01095 - ARTIBIT: Waterproofing bituminous emulsion.
04021 - ARTICRIL CONCORD: Copolymer. Very high yield.
04032 - ARTICRIL INTER-EXTER: Acrylic for interiors/exteriors. Especially for use with airless spray gun.
04022 - ARTICRIL MILLENIUM: Copolymer. White and other colours. For aggressive outdoor environments.
10031 - ARTICRIL RESIN 6: Preparation for hydraulic mortars. Bonding to substrate. Dilute 1/3 with water.
04023 - ARTICRIL SATIN: Copolymer. Anti-carbonation. White and other colours. For very aggressive exterior environments.
11031 - ARTICRIL SPORT: Sports surfaces. Water-based. Colours.
02161 - ARTIDUR A-2C: Glossy, long-lasting aliphatic polyurethane. White and other colours.
02162 - ARTIDUR A-2C SATIN: Long-lasting aliphatic polyurethane. White and other colours.
12168 - ARTIDUR GALVÁNICO GRIS: Very tough antioxidant. Cold galvanization.
06164 - ARTIDUR IMPREGNACIÓN X-40: Polyurethane fixative. For disintegrating supports.
11165 - ARTIDUR X-100 2C: Industrial flooring and car parks. Ready for pedestrian traffic in 8 hours. Ready for motorized traffic in 16 hours.
14108 - ARTIGRAS: Paint and grease cleanser for hands, tools and supports.
08021 - ARTIGUM: State-of-the-art elastic waterproofing. Long-lasting. White and other colours.
08023 - ARTIGUM AUTOARMADO: Flexible elastic gypsum. Colours.
07033 - ARTIGUM FACHADAS: Elastic texturized acrylic. Absorbs fissures. White and other colours.
07321 - ARTIGUM GEL FIX: Transparent elastomer for vitrified surfaces and tiles.
07034 - ARTIGUM LISO FACHADAS: Elastic acrylic. Absorbs micro-fissures. White and other colours.
08022 - ARTIGUM TOP: State-of-the-art for protection of pedestrian surfaces. White and other colours.
02117 - ARTILAC AO: Anti-corrosive satin synthetic enamel, white and colours.
02115 - ARTILUX AO: Anti-corrosive gloss synthetic enamel, white and colours.
02118 - ARTILUX MATE AO: Anti-corrosive matt synthetic enamel, white and colours upon request.
08991 - ARTIMAT: Geotextile for reinforcing ARTIGUM.
07991 - ARTIMAT FIX: Geotextile for reinforcing ARTIGUM GEL FIX.
15594 - ARTIMAT MALLA: Structural mesh for reinforcing ARTIMIX processes.
10598 - ARTIMIN A: Waterproof mortar for potable water tanks and cisterns.
10593 - ARTIMIX 3: Self-extending mortar for earthworks. Levels out irregularities.
10594 - ARTIMIX 4: Light mortar for restoration work. Suitable for recovering volumes. Façades.
10595 - ARTIMIX 4-BL: White restoration mortar. Suitable for recovering volumes. Façades.
10596 - ARTIMIX 5: Lime-sand mortar for façades.
10597 - ARTIMIX 5 LISO: Smooth lime-sand mortar for façades.
15592 - ARTIMIX 9 - 2C: Flexible waterproofing mortar for cladding insulation panels.
15591 - ARTIMIX 9 COLA - 2C: Bonding mortar for insulation panels.
10588 - ARTIMIX 111-2C: Very thick waterproofing mortar.
10592 - ARTIMIX 20 MICROCEMENTO: Hydraulic micro-cement cladding for continuous coverage.
04033 - ARTIPLUS: Acrylic for interiors. Especially for use with airless spray gun.
08091 - ARTIPOS 15050: Rising damp barrier.
11534 - ARTIPOX AN-2C: Self-levelling epoxy cladding.
11511 - ARTIPOX AS-2C: Epoxy paint. Dust-resistant paving.
12512 - ARTIPOX FA - 2C: High adherence multipurpose primer. Non-porous surfaces.
11532 - ARTIPOX GLASS-2C: Colourless mirror finish for multi-coat processes.
11592 - ARTIPOX MC-2C: Half-round epoxy filler for use on edges, joins and sockets.
12251 - ARTIPOX PDCB-2C: For steel and cement in extremely aggressive industrial environments.
11531 - ARTIPOX RESIN-2C: Multi-coat impregnation. Sealer resin for mixing and filling with aggregates.
11533 - ARTIPOX RESIN BV-2C: Low viscosity epoxy impregnation. Low viscosity resin for sealing surfaces, especially suitable for obtaining seamless epoxy flooring and coloured or transparent multi-layer systems.
08061 - ARTIPUR COLORES: Waterproof washable polyurethane elastic.
08065 - ARTIPUR FLEX: Aliphatic polyurethane-acrylic emulsion continuous waterproofing membrane.
08063 - ARTIPUR SELLADOR: For use on rough or porous surfaces before the ARTIPUR process.
08064 - ARTIPUR SUELOS: Pedestrian traffic protection for moderate abrasion. Limited colours.
08062 - ARTIPUR TRANSPARENTE: Waterproof washable polyurethane elastic.
07052 - ARTISIL: Mineral silica paint. Inorganic pigments. Façades. Environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.
07053 - ARTISIL IMPREGNACIÓN: Consolidating fixative based on silicates and/or Artisil diluent.
03063 - BARTICRIL PUR: Water-based polyurethane varnish for concrete, stone and wood.
03161 - BARTIDUR A-2C: Gloss aliphatic polyurethane topcoat for exteriors/interiors.
03114 - BARTILAC: Satin polyurethane synthetic varnish.
03111 - BARTILUX: Gloss synthetic varnish for exteriors/interiors.
10094 - BASE ARTIMIX 4: ARTIMIX 4 pigment.
10095 - BASE ARTIMIX 5: ARTIMIX 5 pigment.
06095 - BIOART: Biocide for cleaning water-based paints, stone and similar products.
01010 - BLINDOX: Oxide converter.
09032 - CONDENSTOP REVESTIMIENTO: Condensation-proof thermal insulation.
06181 - CONSOLIART: Consolidating water-repellent impregnation. Solvent based.
06182 - CONSOLIART ANI: Consolidation prior to restoration. Water based.
14307 - DECAPART: Very dynamic paint remover, especially for two-component paints.
14103 - DISOLART: Fast-drying solvent.
14105 - DISOLPOX: Epoxy solvent. Universal and dynamic.
14106 - DISOLPUR: Polyurethane solvent.
14101 - DISOLSINT: Synthetic solvent. Universal.
14102 - DISOLVENTE INOLORO: Odourless solvent.
05033 - ECOARTIC: Eco-friendly for interior us on plasterboard and mechanically-applied plaster.
08052 - EPOCRIL 3C: Self-extending hydraulic epoxy mortar for irregular surfaces.
08051 - EPOCRIL FH-3C: Primer for wet cement supports. Water-based.
01031 - FIXOART: Deep penetration acrylic fixative.
02126 - FERROART: Hammer finish metallic enamel.
06141 - HIDROFUART BIO: Long-lasting water-repellent and fungicide. Invisible.
03112 - INTEMPERIE: Gloss synthetic topcoat for aggressive outdoor environments.
13051 - NEW TEC ARTIPOX 2C: Anti-corrosion treatment for metal surfaces.
13035 - NEW TEC BARNIZ MICROCEMENTO: Water-based varnish for the protection of paving.
13015 - NEW TEC ESMALTE: Multipurpose gloss. State-of-the-art.
13045 - NEW TEC FACHADAS: Anti-carbonation topcoat. Waterproof and water-repellent.
13031 - NEW TEC FIXO: High penetration nanoparticles. For replacing Pliolite in solvent.
06042 - NEW TEC HIDROFUART W: Siloxane water-repellent.
13016 - NEW TEC MADERA: Lasur primer for integrated protection of wood.
13033 - NEW TEC PAREDES: Decontaminating finish for foodservice and health industry environments.
13016 - NEW TEC PLIOART: Pliolate resin-based paint. Ideal for façades.
13025 - NEW TEC PRIMER: Multipurpose primer for painting with two-component products.
13032 - NEW TEC SELLADORA: For coating and sealing wood.
13055 - NEW TEC SUELOS-2C: Hygienic paint resistant to abrasion and contamination.
13026 - NEW TEC TRAFFIC: Road signage. Resistant to dirt and wear and tear.
07041 - PÁTINA ACUOSA HIDRÓFUGA L.D.: Self-cleaning, long-lasting fluosiloxane.
07132 - PLIOART: Pliolite. Anti-carbonation. For aggressive marine environments.
06132 - PLIOART BARNIZ IMPREGNACIÓN P: Substrate consolidating varnish.
06131 - PLIOART IMPREGNACIÓN: Sealant for absorbing dusty substrates.
04027 - POLART EXTRA MATE: Silicone copolymers. Matt. No overlap.
08121 - PREARTIGUM: Primer for cement surfaces, porous ceramic, damp, etc.
06093 - SANEART S: Cleaning and treatment of supports with lichen, algae, fungus, etc.
01111 - SELLADORA PREART: Preparation for plaster and wood. Easy to polish.
04041 - SILART: Multipurpose silicone. Difficult substrates. Limescale. White and other colours.
07022 - SILART WAX: Anti-graffiti and anti-posters. Non-permanent.
06392 - STONEART: Cleaning of stone, porous marble, exposed brick, etc.
01112 - TIXOART INOLORA: Single-coat, odourless, stain-resistant. Solvent based.
01015 - TIXOART W: Single-coat, resistant to stains such as grease, smoke, felt tips. Odourless. Water-based.
09121 - VIALARTIC: Traffic signage.
04012 - VINILART MATE SEDOSO: Vinyl copolymers. Matt finish face-on. Satin when backlit.
04013 - VINYLMAT: Vinyl copolymers. Excellent coverage and yield.


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